Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Crazy Life

Our typical day has been starting with a 4 am wake up call courtesy of Brady. At that point I have two options, go get him and bring into our bed where I get no more sleep because he insists on sleeping on my shoulder with his face touching mine or let him cry it out and wake up the Aubrey and Matthew and sleep is done for the day. Most of the time I choose option number one because at least then the kids all sleep and might wake up in a good mood. Cameron on the other hand typically sleeps until 6:30 or later and could sleep through a bomb going off. Their bedtime has been 7 pm for almost a year now and it has worked for us but I think I am going to experiment with a 7:30 bedtime the next couple nights and see if they sleep a little later in the mornings. I was so happy with the time change the first 2 days because not a single little soul was up prior to 6:30 am then they decided that was no fun so they would change things up a bit.

Showering with four 18 month olds up and running is just awesome. I typically will put on "Chuggy" aka Chuggington and that buys me about 7 minutes of peace and quiet. On days when they decide that Chuggy isn't interesting enough for them I have 4 little monkeys joining me in the bathroom...wrapping each other in toilet paper, weighing themselves on the scale, wearing my underwear on their head...ya, so much fun!

They are driving us crazy with their eating habits. One day they will eat everything in sight then next day you can offer them the exact same things and they won't even take a bite. I think they do it to drive me nuts. They do general eat a wide variety of foods which I am very grateful for because I do not want them to be picky like I am.

The fabulous foursome are so much fun when they play together and laugh at things the others are doing however lately it has been more like Royal Rumble here! They love to fight, knock each other down and climb all over each other. The little canabils have been biting each other so much lately that I have considered having them tested to see if they are rabid.

Bathtime is fun now that they all have discovered the joy of splashing. Everyone wants to splash but no one wants to be splashed! By the end of bathtime I am usually drenched as are the walls and the floor. Bath instantly transforms bad moods into good ones though so I will take that over needing to mop up the flood anyday!

I am in total amazement with all the climbing they do that no one has yet even attempted to climb out of their crib. With any luck we will be able to keep them caged in those unil they are ready to leave for college.

The fear of strangers has hit and they are even scared of people they know sometimes if they think someone might take them. When people come too close out in public or come into our home they get very nervous and start to cry, mostly Brady and Matthew but sometimes Cameron and Aubrey will do it as well. I have to take the blame on this one I guess because I never wanted them to go anywhere or be away from me and now that I am ready for some mommytime they are not willing to give it to me. Hopefully soon they will start to outgrow this stage.

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