Monday, March 21, 2011

It's been 2 years since...

These 4

Became these 4

Amazing! I will never forget the day we had our first ultrasound. After my beta tests Dr. Mahutte had told us there was a good chance of multiples and I thought PERFECT...I always wanted twins! After a week of solid bleeding I was certain the ultrasound would show that I was miscarrying. When the screen came on we were looking at 4 little bubbles and Dr. Mahutte said "Do you see what I am seeing?" I was choked up thinking we were looking at newly growing follicles on my ovaries and that this pregnancy was over until he said "There are FOUR sacs!" My response? WHAT?!?!?

Ben began sweating profusely and I was crying. We were quickly warned that there was a great chance that they would reduce themselves in the coming weeks. The ride home was complete silence other than the one moment when Ben turned to me at the border and said "You said it would only be 2!". Who knew a 3 hour car ride could be so long!

I always read post on message boards about women finding out they were having twins or more and being completely devastated, angry and upset. I can honestly say I never had any of these feeling. I was worried, excited and nervous about it all. I worried they would not all make it, I worried that they would. I was excited to have my family I always dreamed about and the prospect of them growing up together. I was nervous about whether or not my body could handle a high risk multiple pregnancy when it never could handle a simple singleton one.

As the weeks past it was evident that all four were in for the long haul and we were faced with the heart wrenching decision of whether or not to reduce. In my heart I knew it was something I never could do but my head was telling me to be practical and look at all the facts. Our first appointment with Dr. Acker was a long one full of ultrasounds, information and exams. Once the words came out of my mouth that I was not reducing a huge weight came off my shoulders when he said "Then it is my job to make sure they all make it to a safe delivery day." I cannot express how much I adore him as a doctor!

We looked at making it to 28 weeks and when that day came and went without a single complication I knew that someone was looking over all of us. At 30 weeks I was upset to be admitted into the hospital with pre-eclampsia but Dr. Acker was headed out on a mini vacation and he wanted me where I could be constantly monitored. Each day consisted of exams, dopplers, ultrasounds and daily calls to Dr. Acker to report in.

After 14 days in the hospital Aubrey's flow went from diminished to absent made the thought of one of these babies might not make it home with us come to the front of my mind. Ben was home receiving his chemo treatment and I knew that delivery day was right around the corner., I called him at 3 am and told him to get down here because I had an ultrasound at 8 am and I would be delivering. Sure enough he walked in the ultrasound room at 8:30 just in time to hear that they were getting an OR ready for the big day!

At 11:31, 11:34, 11:35 and 11:37 am on September 17, 2009 our little miracles made their entrance into the world and life was forever changed. I could not have asked for an easier pregnancy or healthier babies. If I had the choice to do it all over again or change the course of history there is no doubt I wouldn't change a thing! We are truly blessed!


  1. I still remember those days of your pregnancy from following your blog! I think you were about mid-way through when I began following. I'm so GLAD that everything turned out so great. I'm thrilled that you have those wonderful, healthy "quadlers"--and that Ben is doing great, too :) Best wishes always!

  2. When I found out about my twins I was so thrilled and excited too- never devastated. You did so amazing carrying them as far as you did!

  3. That first ultrasound is always a shocker especially when you know there is a chance of multiples. I wanted twins despretely but I was actually scared of only having 1. I think I would have been a crazy mess if they told me we were having 4 though!!! You are super mom Kari and so blessed in every way! What a great walk through memory lane!


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