Thursday, March 17, 2011

18 months or a Year and a Half?

Either way they are half way to reaching birthday number two! I am not ready for that milestone. I like to think of them as 18 months because it sounds younger! I like to think of them as the little tiny babies I brought home from the NICU. Does anyone know how to make time stop?


  1. I have had a few talks with Mr. Time and apparently he is not listening to me. I swear my girls are going to be off to kintergarten any day now. Happy 18 Months!!!!

  2. Happy 18 months. It just seems ours were that old only a few days ago, and now they are just 2 weeks away from turning 2 years old. Where has the time gone, it sure does pass you by quick.

    The McCleary Quads

  3. Know how you feel Kari, Noah, my baby is turning 13 tomorrow! :-( Where did those 13 years go? Love the video of the kids dancing, especially Cam on the couch, he cracked me up! So cute.