Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cleaning out!

I took several hours last week and went through all of the kiddos dressers and their closet to get rid of all the stuff they have already outgrown and make room for the hand me downs they are starting to fit into. I am amazed at how much stuff they have! We have been fortunate to get hand me downs from friends and family and the kids have gotten clothes for holidays and their birthday so we have only had to purchase a handful of outfits for each of them. Mostly special holidays and if we find something that they just have to have.

I cannot believe how big they are! Even little Miss Aubrey is fitting in many 24 month items. All three boys are looking oh so grown up in 24 month and 2T shirts but their short legs have kept them in mostly 18 month pants for Cameron and Matthew, Brady is able to fit into 24 months for pants now too. That boy looks like he is at least 6 months older than the other three due to the way he towers over them. I am thinking when we got to their 18 month visit in two weeks that he is going to exceed the height limit for his rear facing car seat. I am sure that will cause a stir when his siblings see him riding forward facing while they are stuck riding backwards!

After sorting through all their clothes they have 3 dressers full as well at 2 bars in the closet and a tote of all pants that they are fitting into now or will be fitting in within the next couple months. We are totally set for spring and even next fall but they only have a few summer outfits so I am on the hunt for some sales! As much as the winter clothing clearances that are going on right now tempt me I don't dare buy anything because who knows when they will stop growing so rapidly and it isn't a savings if they never get to wear it!

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