Monday, July 2, 2012


It still amazes me how four kids can be so different when they are being raised by the same parents!  Their personalities change from time to time and they shift into different roles but they all stay true to the fact that they are individuals and beat to their very own drum!

Matthew...110% Momma's Boy!  Far cry from when he was little and all he wanted was his dad.  We joke some days that his cord must still be attached because he is so stuck to me.  If I walk out of the room he will come after me crying until he is with me.  Ridiculous!  I am sure that some day I am going to wish he were my little shadow again.  He is my biggest helper though.  Whenever I ask him to do something for me he replies with a "yup, sure.  I can do it!"

Brady...Class Clown for sure!  He is always doing or saying something silly.  I love his sense of humor and vivid imagination.  He will tell you a story about anything you will listen to him talk about.  He thinks because he is bigger and stronger thatn the other three that he is actually a big kid and the others are babies.

Aubrey...Miss Sassy Pants!  Boy that girl knows how to send off her attitude!  She makes sure everyone knows she is unhappy when she is not getting something she wants.  She is going to be a great momma someday with the way she mothers all her brothers around. 

Cameron...Patience Tester!  That guy always has to do something first when you want him, waits until you hit three before he will even think of responding and stubborn to the core!  He always is the first to come and try to make someone feel better when they are upset.  A little love bug for sure.

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