Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Junk Food Connoisseurs

My kids are food snobs when it comes to junk food...I can't even trick them! 

1.  Matthew will only eat Entenmann's Chocolate Chip muffins.  I have made homemade ones and put them in the Entenmann's bags and he knows the difference and refuse to eat them.

2.  Aubrey will only eat Nutra-grain brand cereal bars...she has one EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and will not eat generic.

3. This week I bought generic pop-tarts and stuck them in the Kellog's pop-tart box each and every one of them took ONE bite out of it and asked me for regular pop-tarts.

4. Whale's instead of Goldfish...oh no that simply won't do.  Cameron said "Me no like the fat fishies.  Me like the little ones."

5. Generic Oreos...ummmmm no thanks "These are 'skusting!" Brady says.

Not looking forward to the grocery bill in ten years!

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