Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet and Crazy kids!

I think it has been confirmed that we have some crazy quaddlers. They crack me up all the time with the crazy things they do like spinning in circles until they fall over...many times creating a domino effect in the process, the way they "jump" off things by bending their knees then just walk off them, the way they ride their trucks down the slide or walk down...backwards! These kids are fearless and it almost gives me a heart attack on a daily basis.

They also are so sweet...when they want to be! I love when they walk around the house holding hands just because they want to, I love when they go and try to make each other happy when one is sad and how they don't like anyone to be mean to their siblings. Not saying that they don't fight or that they aren't mean to each other but if someone else is then look out!

Our summer days have been filled with a lot of out door time and swimming every day that the weather allows. They all hate being cooped up in the house and when we are out and about our days are much smoother than when have to be home. I guess they are going to be on the go kind of people like their mom and dad!

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