Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nurture vs. Nature

I always think about how amazing it is to have 4 babies, born on the same the same set of in the same house, can have such seperate personalities. I think that the great debate about which is more influential between the a persons genetics or the environment they are brought up in will never truly be resolved.

Matthew is a wild child! He definitely has the red headed temper if he doesn't get his way. Being messy is his favorite. He is putting together 5-6 words in sentances all the time and tells Ben all about his day when he gets home from work. At bedtime he has to be tucked in then have his horsey, llama, doogie, light bright (aka glow worm) and his blankey all in his arms. He thinks he requires the least amount of sleep of the four and is always first up in the morning and after nap but is grumpy 90% of the time. He loves to wrestle and play rough with the big boys. Matthew always wants to be outside- hogging the swing and going down the slide head first. He starts asking me to take him out at 6 am. He is not much of a meat eater but loves pasta and fruit. He would choose water out of the water bottle over any other drink but in his sippy cup he prefers milk. Matthew loves to sing and long as no one is looking. If you draw attention to him he plays shy and stops immediately.

Brady is the clown! He loves to act crazy and make people laugh. He is has a little bit of a temper, hitting and biting a lot lately, and he hates to say sorry and is stubborn as can be but once he decides to say sorry he hugs and kisses the wronged party and tries to make them laugh. His milk is like his coffee, when he wakes up in the morning don't even try to speak to him until he has at least half a cup into him! He loves to sing, especially in the car where belts out the hot dog song at the top of his lungs. He loves to run and jump and dance. He is full of energy all the time! Brady likes to bounce in the bounce-o-lene and play in the kitchen out side. He has to make sure that he has his "Dogga" around all the time and he hugs and kisses it and makes everyone else kiss it too.

Aubrey is a little princess! She often bosses the boys around telling them "enough!" You know when she is mad at them because she uses "Matt-chew" and "Cam-in" instead of Matt and Cam. This girl cracks me up all the time. She is definitely a girlie girl...loves to have her nails done, loves dresses, loves babies. But she is a diva as well...what's hers is hers and what's not should be! She thinks that a screech should get her whatever she wants and if that doesn't than her dirty looks will. She loves to have her picture taken. She smiles and poses as soon as she sees me take out the camera. Typically she sleeps the longest at naps and bedtime as long as she has her snuggy with her, without that her world just might end. Aubrey enjoys playing outside as well! Typically you can find her cooking in the clubhouse or pushing her brothers on the swing or Evan's old bike, of course it is very rare that they return the favor.

Cameron is a little monkey! He climbs all the time and thinks on top of the kitchen table the best place to hang out. He loves trucks, tractors, and pretty much everything with wheels. He cruises around the house pushing his trucks and making truck noises all the time. He loves to cuddle and read especially his "Truck stuck" book! Cameron cannot stand to be dirty and has to reeeeaaaalllyyy like something in order to get dirty for it! He gets easily frusturated and angry if he doesn't get what he wants and he has quite a stubborn streak as well. He is an awesome sleeper and rarely ever wakes at night. When he does a kiss and hug for him and his fox usually are all he needs to go back to sleep. Cameron is the most timid of the boys when it comes to trying out something new but once he does it and masters it then watch out!

I cannot wait to see how each of their personalities develop as they age and what each one of them become. No matter what path they choose they will know that being an individual in a group is just perfect!

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