Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talkative bunch!

Every day the fabulous foursome's vocabulary gets better and better. They are stringing words together, singing along during circle time and even learning how to lie to keep themself out of trouble.

They love to sing songs and I have been trying to get them on video singing but as soon as I do they start telling me "NO MOMMA!" and stop singing along with me. We have been working on counting and doing our ABC's and they are all starting to get it!

Today Brady bit Matthew's cheek really hard and left some pretty nice teeth marks on him. When Ben got home he asked Matthew who bit him and Brady piped up and said "Bella bite Maa-Shoe!" Bella is Uncle Tom and Auntie Kate's dog and she most certainly did not bite any of them even though they always tell people that "Bella bite". I had to get him on video!

Ben is always breaking things, even when he hasn't broken something Matthew finds it funny to blame it all on Daddy!

I love hearing them talk to each other and to us. They are getting way too big far too quickly!

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