Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playing catch up!

It has been over a week since I last updated and not due to lack of things to write about just lack of time and energy. I have had a cold for over a month now and it is wearing me out. I blame it on the cold but I think chasing around four one year olds might have something to do with it! None of them are walking yet but they are crawling like mad men, climbing, pulling up on everything and diving head first into anything they can. Aubrey is a little more calm and hates when her brothers bug her so lately her favorite thing to do is screech at them. They can all climb the stairs so it makes it much easier to get them all up to bed now. Thank god because they were starting to get so heavy to carry up the stairs especially on days when I am trying to put all 4 of them down. Next up is teaching them to come down them.

We spent the weekend in Connecticut with friends and family. The babies all rode really well on the way down and we only needed to stop twice once to let them get out and roam and once to get lunch. They all were very well behaved considering that Cameron cut 2 new molars and Matthew had an ear drum rupture. I think that kid is going to be my problem child as far as ear infections go.

Saturday we got to spend time with one of my oldest friends and her husband and two adorable children. It was nice to have a place that the kids could have some room to play and crawl around. Dinner was fabulous and the kids slept great after being worn out.

Sunday Ben and my dad took the babies to the mall to play at the play area while I went to my cousin's baby shower. They had a great time and Brady made a new friend that he chased around the whole time they were there. They tried Dipping Dots for the first time and LOVED them. After we got together with the whole family and went out for dinner at the local Chinese buffet. The kids loved the food and made a HUGE mess.

Yesterday we headed home and made a stop in at the babies NICU to visit some of the nurses. It is amazing that Matthew and Brady have been home a year tomorrow. They were little superstars throughout my whole pregnancy and the short time they spent in the hospital learning to eat and growing. Time hasn't changed that, they still have shown that they are able to make great progress for being multiples and preemies.

Our second stop was in Tilton where they enjoyed driving the little car carts in BJ's. Aubrey made "bbbbrrrrrrrooooommmm" noises all through the store as she turned the wheel and was very upset when shopping was done and we had to get back into the car. I think every grocery store needs to invest in a couple of these.

We had been trying to figure out what to get the babies for their big Christmas gift and last week Step 2 released a limited amount of the previously discontinued Choo Choo Wagon. This is a coveted item amongst families of multiples and we were lucky enough to be able to purchase the wagon and the two attachment so each of them will have their own seat. I think I am more excited about this than they will be but I hope that they love it. It is going to be hard to keep myself from breaking it out before Christmas. Hey, they are little and have no idea what Christmas is yet! LOL!

Well, it's official. It is now RSV season. We are SO thankful our babies have been SUPER healthy since being discharged from the hospital and we don't feel the need to be strict this year when it comes to RSV. The babies did not qualify for synagis this year (the monthly shots they received last year to help protect them against RSV) which is bitttersweet... boo they don't get the extra protection but yay because they don't need the extra protection this year! They were able to recieve the flu shot so that is one worry off my mind. To hep prevent RSV we pretty much expect the same as always from friends and family. We ask that don't visit if you have been/have been around someone who is sick... regardless of how much you want to see and miss the babies! When visiting we ask that you wear clean clothing and sanitize your hands upon arrival. Are we over protective parents? Absolutely. We have every right and reason to be. Our goal is to make it through this RSV season without the babies contracting RSV or any other serious illness. Their lungs are still very fragile until they are 2-years-old. Please understand that we do not mean to offend anyone, just simply to provide an explanation. We hope you understand, and we appreciate your help keeping our babies safe.

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  1. I've been MIA from blog land too because of how busy we are also. I think it comes with the territory of being a mom of multiples. :) Glad all is well and it sounds like the babies had so much fun. We love those car carts too. The girls love to go shoppign because of those carts. :)


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