Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little love bugs!

The past couple weeks the babies have become so affectionate. They love to hug and kiss each other! Matthew is the first to come to the rescue with a hug and kiss if anyone is crying he even makes a little "awe" noise when he kisses them. It is too cute! Cameron is just learning how to do kisses and usually chooses his sister as his recipient but she is less than willing to kiss him most of the time. The two of them fight horribly. I think it is from the time in the womb when Cameron kept moving around and pushing her out of his way all the time. She holds a grudge!

They are all saying new words daily. They repeat us all the time but when we ask them to say something they just look at us like "we are not a circus act, no tricks here"! Aubrey is learning how to work her father already. She will instigate the boys then they will do something to her and she will screech and daddy will tell the boys to be nice to their sister. She doesn't like that I don't fall for her little tricks so she usually goes crying to daddy.

October is here so it is time to start on Halloween costumes! I am so excited to make their costumes and very greatful for Brady's talented Godmother who will be helping me make sure that they look very cute for their first time trick or treating. I have theme ideas for many years to come so any costume books or trips to Walmart around Halloween time will be banned from this kids so I can dress them however I want...LOL!

Brady giving his sister some loving!

Matty loves his sissy!


  1. SO cute! My girls are doing the same thing. They give their babies, and stuft animals love all the time and they will give each other love too.

  2. I love hearing about what the quads are up to. It's funny how Aubrey knows how to manipulate her daddy already :)

  3. So precious!
    And yes, isn't it just amazing to watch those little baby girls wrap oblivious daddy around their little finger?? And all the while daddy has a huge smile on his face, so proud of his little girl. I just think it's hilarious!


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