Monday, June 1, 2009

Evening in the ER

Yesterday was not such a good day for Ben. He was very week all day and couldn't eat or drink because of a sore throat. He didn't have a fever so we waited it out then went to the ER. They drew his labs, gave him a couple bags of fluid through his IV and some meds and we were able to come home after a couple hours.


  1. I'm sorry it was such a rough night. Hope he is feeling better today. - Tkeys

  2. Oh I'm sorry Ben was not feeling well. Chemo is so rough and does such horrible things to one's body. Thinking and praying for you both! And as for the Godparent's question: I think you and Ben decide if you want the kiddos to stay together. IF you really wish that, then I'm sure you will find someone who will do that your you guys. For me and my dh, our faith and similarities in parenting are the big reasons we STILL struggle with who would take Sam if something happened to us. We just don't have someone in the family to do this. It's terrible we've dragged our feet on this, I just keep hoping someone will 'pop up'. G

  3. I'm sorry he's having a rough time. Hope he starts to feel better soon!



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