Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fetal Survey Take Two...

All 4 babies passed with flying colors!!! That was the best news I could have gotten. Aubrey is still measuring a little behind but she caught up some from last week. The boys are doing great too. They are thinking it is a wrestling ring in there so hopefully they are getting all the fighting out now!

My total weight gain is now at 19 lbs, they wanted to see more but I am eating the best I can. The dr wants me to start taking it easier during the day and resting laying on my left side at least 30 minutes 3 times a day. My cervix is down to 3.5 cm from 4.5 2 weeks ago so that freaked me out but the dr says it is still holding good.

We are going to speak with the chief of OB in Dartmouth tomorrow about doing my cervical checks every two weeks on the day Ben has chemo to eliminate some travel and to allow Ben to have a peek at the babies. He hasn't seen them since 12 weeks other than in pictures so if that can be arranged that will be great!


  1. YAY for the wonderful news! I wouldn't worry to much on Aubrey...Shes the lil girl...let her brothers be a lil bigger....the better to protect her hehe.

  2. Great news! I'm so glad the babies are up to measurement and doing well! I hope they do indeed let you do the cervical checks every 2 weeks to make things easier and let Ben see the babies!

  3. That is so awesome, they are thriving. That would be great if Ben would be able to see them.
    I love the names............

  4. Glad everything is going well! I LOVE your bedding and the names you picked out!


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