Sunday, June 28, 2009

Onto another week...

The weeks are going by so quickly! It is hard to believe that July begins this week. I think it is mostly because we are so busy lately, but I am not complaining, each week that passes brings us a week closer to the babies being here and a week closer to Ben being healed.

The weekend has been a good one, Ben has been looking and feeling pretty good and even went to an anniversary party last night. It has been a long time, like 6 months before he was diagnosed, since he has wanted to be around people so to me this was a HUGE milestone!

This week brings us some more appointments. Ben has a spinal tap on Tuesday morning to ensure that there is no cancer in the spine. His tingling in his feet and his walking hasn't gotten any better so they want to be sure that they are covering all their bases.

I have my weekly ultrasound, this week is in Boston so I also have an OB appointment to go to following it. I feel like I have gained A LOT this week but the scale is only saying a total of 23 lbs. Here is a picture from today. You have to forgive the slant of the picture my four year old nephew took it! He thinks he is a rock star with his new hair do and wants me to put a picture of that on here to so here it is!



  1. Kari - I'm glad you're both feeling good! You look wonderful & your nephew is a total cutie! Love his hair - he IS a Rock Star!

  2. He is adorable--and you are definitely getting more of a bump!!


  3. Kari- you look great. I'm glad to hear your feeling good and that ben Is starting to feel better.


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