Saturday, May 30, 2009

Productive day...

Thanks to Tonya I have officially finished both of my baby registries. We went to Walmart today and completed that one, boy for someone so little they need a lot of stuff!

Let me just say I hope that you all have a friend like her in your life, she has been amazing! She has been there for me through years of fertility treatments, a month of bed rest, this pregnancy, and most recently helping me through Ben's diagnosis and begining of treatments. She has 2 kids, 2 jobs, goes to school and still is there night or day, no questions asked. I am very fortunate to have many good friends in my life but I really don't know where I would be without her. Thanks Tonya!

This evening I have been working on bedding for the babies. I couldn't find any that I loved that would work for both genders so I decided to make them all. I know what some of you are thinking, I am CRAZY! It gives me something to keep busy doing as we are home relaxing.

Ben is having a good day, still worn down but Ryan came and got him out for awhile today and he was glad to be back doing something other than sitting around the house. I am sure that sitting around here doesn't help keep his spirits high and I am sure he will sleep well tonight!

Here's an opinion question for all my readers...
Tonya and I were talking about Godparents today and in my opinion the true reason for choosing Godparents is because they have the same values as you as far as raising the child therefore that would be the type of couple we would choose. Now having four coming is it too much to ask one couple to be the Godparents of them all? Is it better to choose 4 couples but ask one of them to be the gaurdians of them should anything happen? What do you all think?


  1. It might be too much for one person to be the godparent of all 4 babies.. maybe you could do 2 and 2! but in the end its really up to you and Ben!


  2. I don't think godparents necessarily equal guardians--we have asked my brother and sister-in-law to be guardians for our kids if something ever happened. But my brother and one cousin are Lori's godparents, and Scott's brother and another cousin are Hunter's. I think it would be cool for each baby to have their own set of godparents so they have someone special for themselves, but then select one couple or person to serve as a guardian.

  3. I'm with Karla.........I have different godparents for each of my children, but have named guardian's for them in my will. They need to know they are individuals and special (that's where the godparents come in!) As far as guardians come in.....Write yor will (you and Ben together!) keep them together. The godparents will always be there!
    P.S. I have written wills before...I can sign off on them...(JP) Just let me know! Love ya's both.


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