Sunday, June 7, 2009

The week ahead...

Ben's appointment for Monday has been rescheduled to Tuesday and he will be having his chemo directly after. It has been a week of many ups and downs but he pushes himself too hard sometimes and is wiped at the end of the day. I think he forgets that he is not Superman!

Wednesday is my appointment and the babies fetal survey so hopefully I will have some awesome pictures to share on Thursday with you all. During this ultrasound they will be checking all the organs and such and hopefully there will still be a girl in the pack!

I have finished 2 of the blankets, I have 2 that just need the trim and then it is time to do the dust ruffles and curtains! I actually feel like something is getting accomplished! Hopefully by the end of the week all these babies will be named too. :)

We want to say thanks to the Styles Family for the beautiful garden! We can't wait to eat the fresh veggies! And the pedi was just the relaxing touch I needed. Also thank you to everyone who has given thier support either emotionally, physically or financially. It is terrific to live in such a small community at times like these.


  1. Good luck with everything this week! I'm so excited that you are getting the bedding done, and I hope you can confirm the gender! - Tkeys

  2. hope all goes well this week, beautiul quilts for the babies

  3. I'm so glad that Ben is home again...hoping this next treatment of chemo doesn't wipe him out so much. The blankets are DARLING!!!! Looking forward to a report on some healthy babies and at least ONE girl!!!!


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