Monday, May 18, 2009

Little people...Lot of stuff!

Yesterday Tonya, Lauryn and I went to Babies R Us to work on my baby registry and I was amazed at how much stuff I really will need for all of these guys! It was hard not to pick out gender specific items for everything so I picked a blend and when we know for sure what they are we will have to go in and modify.

It was so hard not to buy a ton of clothes because there were so many I just loved but my luck is I will have 4 of one gender and I will have all sorts of clothes that can't be worn.

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  1. It is definitely overwhelming!! Feel free to check out my blog - I have a "favorite things" post that talked about a lot of stuff I liked. Also, preemie clothes were kind of hard to find - I found the best ones at Sears - really good selection and inexpensive, too! Also, look for side snap undershirts - you do not want to deal with onesies when they are really little, and the side snaps are better for them while their belly buttons are healing. We just found it easier for dressing. - Tkeys


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