Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here we go again...

My original blog is lost somewhere in cyberspace so I figured I would start a new one so everyone could follow our journey. Here's a little backstory...

Ben and I were married in 1999 with the hopes of starting a family right away. Unfortunately that was not what was in store for us! After 9+ years, too many fertility treatments and several heartbreaking miscarraiges we are expecting quads!

When we first found out there were 4 babies we were in shock! Who wouldn't be? Each week we expected to see fewer babies on the screen but each week they were there, thriving. As the weeks passed it became clear that all 4 babies were going to make it through and we were given the tough decision of reducing the number of babies to have a better chance to make it full term or attempt to carry all 4 and pray that we make it to at least 28 weeks before delivery day comes. 32 weeks is our goal, at that point the babies would have no greater chance of having long term disabilities than a full term singleton would.

We chose to have an N/T scan done and found all the babies appear to be perfect! That sealed deal, we could not choose to terminate any of these healthy babies. To me this meant we were meant to have 4 babies. This definately is not the way we planned on having our family but these are the cards we have been dealt and now we are going to embrace it!


  1. What, not 'Ben and Kari plus 4?'....ahhhh, that title's not that catchy anyway!

    Sorry your other blog got eaten. I have you on my blogroll now...woo-hoo!!!! I'm still beyond ecstatic for you guys and so happy to read that the N/T scans looked great.

    Embrace these cards away!!!!!

  2. Kari nothing but good thoughts and prayers for all you six.

  3. Just stumbled on your blog and wanted to congratulate you on the babies. I was a nanny for quads for a number of years and they were (are!) such joys! Good luck!


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