Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is it possible?

I know it is still early because according to the books you don't feel movement until 15 weeks but I swear for the last 3 nights when I lay down on my back real still I can feel one on them move. If it is that it is probably Baby B because he is always moving around, doing flips, etc. Can they be diagnosed in utero for ADHD? LOL!

We found fabric for the babies bedding so I am going to start on that this weekend, I am going for wishful thinking and going to make 2 girl sets and 2 boy sets. If there ends up only being one of one sex or none of one sex then I will put those sets on ebay and make some more. Either way I will have 2 sets done at least.

We are so anxious to find out what these little ones are! Usually you find out by 20 weeks and have 20 more to plan but they are looking at us delivering between 28-32 weeks so that doesn't give us a whole lot of time! I get weekly u/s begining next Thursday so I plan on asking weekly if they can tell what they are. We have been talking about names but are waiting until we know what they are before naming them.


  1. You do such awesome crafting...I bet those baby sets are going to be gorgeous. You will definitely have to share pictures of them :) i also can't wait to hear what you are going to have....to be honest I think 3 boys and 1 lil girl :)

  2. I definitely felt movement pretty early on - they are moving, so, especially w/ 2, you might be feeling it. It kind of felt like bubbles to me for a while. I'd have to go back to my blog, but I know I was feeling movement by 14 weeks. - Tkeys


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