Thursday, February 7, 2013

First break :(

While I was gone to Scentsy Spring Sprint in Maine I got a text saying Cameron was being very naughty and using his teeth as a weapon so Auntie Kate went to put him in time out and he was fighting her on it, biting her and he fell out of her arms and now would not stand or put weight on his foot.  A couple hours later Ben brought him to the ER and they thought it was just a sprain so they put it in a splint and gave him an appointment to  see the orthopedic surgeon the next morning.  He was telling everyone who would listen to him "Kate dropped me!" and failed to tell the part of the story that included him being a naughty boy.

All night Ben tried to convince him to try walking on it but he kept informing him "That isn't a very good idea!" He is a toughie though because he didn't complain very much!

Cameron was insistent that I was the one to bring him to the doctors.  I didn't know all the details so we relied on Cameron to fill in the blanks and he did a pretty good job talking to the doctor.  When we got there the doctor had looked at the Xrays and found a hairline fracture in one of the growth plates and had to cast him for two weeks then he goes back to get it changed for another 2 weeks.  He was psyched that he got to choose his favorite color!

For now I am lugging him from place to place and trying to find things for him to do sitting down but the doctor said that he can start putting some weight on it within the next day or two since it has a cast on it.  


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