Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1198 days...

1198 days is the number of days between the last day one of our kids spent in the NICU until the day when one had to be admitted for an overnight.  For the past week or two the kids at daycare have been passing viruses back and forth.  The boys all had the cough, runny nose and irritability the beginning of last week then Thursday night Aubrey started feeling yucky.  Come Friday morning she was totally miserable and started with a fever so Ben hung out with her watching Princess movies and trying to get her to eat and drink.  By 5pm she couldn't even lift her head up and hadn't urinated in hours so a trip to the ER was in order for the little lady.


When we got there they saw how sick she was and immediately swabbed her for RSV and the flu...both of which came back negative.  Next came a chest x-ray then five pricks before getting an IV in her to give her fluids and take some blood work.  After some fluid they were able to get a urine sample and all her tests came back negative and leading them in the direction of dehydration.  So we checked in for the night so she could get fluids throughout the night.  

Aubrey was NOT a happy girl!  She kept yelling at the nurses "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!"  Finally when morning came and neither of us had much sleep she told the nurse on duty "I need to go home.  I have a Disney on Ice show to get to!"  So the doctor let her go with the understanding that she needed to DRINK!  

We made it to the Disney on Ice show and even though through the first act she didn't have much spunk she perked up by the second act when the Princesses all made an appearance.  The next day she was back to her normal self and you would never have even known she was sick.  

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