Friday, June 17, 2011

21 months!


In 3 short months my babies will be TWO! How is it possible that time goes this quickly? I love how much fun they are this summer and how they love to play outside. Yesterday morning Aubrey asked me "I outside?" and I told her "not now but we will later." She looked at me and said "it rainin?'" So I told her yes so she wouldn't argue with me and it worked she said "O-Tay" and walked off.

The vocabulary around here has been exploding every single day! Unfortunately they have repeated some not so nice words a few times as well so we are really trying hard not to say bad words around them. I am so proud of the way they are trying to communicate with us. It makes life so much easier when they can tell you what they want. Matthew, Brady and Aubrey can all tell you what their own name is and Cameron tells you he is Matt. I have been trying to get him to say Cam but he just laughs and says no.

They are starting to learn time out. Aubrey actually went and sat in time out when I told her to without me having to put her there. They are all very stubborn about saying sorry and giving hugs when they are mean. They will pout and look at the ground instead until they decide it is time to say it. I don't know where these kids get their stubbornness!

We have 2 little potties in the bathroom now and they are very excited to sit on them before bath time and all four of them have actually gone a few times so far. The other night at bath time Cameron, Brady and Aubrey all went potty like big kids and I asked Matthew if he needed to go and he said no so I started putting the others in the tub and I hear splashing and laughing behind me. Apparently Matthew thought it was more fun to pee on the floor and stomp in it than it was to sit on the potty. We aren't going to start real potty training until they are 2 but we are letting them try it out when they want and get comfortable with it. I am dreaming of all the stuff we can do with the diaper feed a small country! :)

Stats for 21 months:
Matthew 25 lbs 2oz 32.5" tall
Brady 30 lbs 11oz 34.5" tall
Aubrey 22 lbs 31.5" tall
Cameron 26 lbs 5 oz 32.5" tall

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