Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Talkers!

It is amazing how I can go from worrying that the kids aren't speaking enough to thinking that they are talking so much! All of them are trying to say everything. Right now books are big! I swear between the four of them they must get read 100 times a day. They love the Baby's First series that has a word and a picture on each page. I think part of the reason they love them so much is that they can read them to us. They are so proud of themselves when they read and I love seeing the excitement in their eyes.

Singing is big here too, we sign a lot throughout the day. They all can do the Itsy Bitsy Spider and sing part of it, they sing the EIEIO in Old McDonald, Hot Dog from Mickey Mouse Club House, they try to sing the ABC's, they do the "up above the world so high" part in Twinkle Twinkle, they follow the If You're Happy and You Know It commands and all the hand motions for the Wheels on the Bus.

I started doing baths two kids at a time and they are loving having the extra room in the tub to splash and play. One of the best things about bath time is that they are confined and we can work on practicing the words that they know. Cameron has come so far in the past couple weeks and is catching up with the others. Matthew has begun putting 2 and 3 words together to make sentences. Today I was on the phone with Ben and he said "Daddy on phone?"

Each time they do something different and they are praised they look like they are so proud of themselves. I love seeing that look on their faces! It is awesome to have them verbalize what their wants and needs are!

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