Sunday, May 29, 2011

Active bunch!

The foursome have been extremely active lately! They love to climb, run, jump, and play all the time. We have traded in some of our nightly walks for playing at the playground or out in the yard. They have so much energy I wish I could bottle it up. I know at the end of the day I am totally wiped out!

Bath time has turned into a water park. Splashing and swimming until me, the floor and everything in sight is totally soaked. Matthew hates to get out of the tub when time comes and I usually have to drain the water with him in it.

They have discovered how fun the play ground is and nearly give me a heart attack every time they go on the big slide! I can just imagine them falling off and breaking something. I have yet to get pictures from the park because I am to much of a basket case to take my eyes off them long enough to snap pictures. They love to blow bubbles at the park as well. They got some new bubble wands today that are fabulous because they just whip them and a bunch of bubbles come out!

I love the age they are at, except for the temper tantrums they are throwing right now, because they are so much fun and can play with us and enjoy the summer. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer bring for us!

Yesterday I went to take a pictures of the foursome yesterday with my brand new lens and said "Who wants to take a picture?" and they all lined up on the love seat like I normally put them for the monthly shot. It was to adorable not to share!


And finally at 20 months Aubrey finally can wear pig tails!


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