Friday, November 12, 2010

Our little over achievers

Since we came home from Boston last year the babies have been in a program called Early Supports and Services where the staff comes and monitors their progress and helps us teach them how to do new things to meet their milestones. It has been wonderful having the extra set of eyes and we believed that we would need them for referrals as we were certain that there would be developmental delays. In order to qualify you have a yearly evaluation in which you need to show a 33% developmental delay based on their actual age.

Today was bittersweet for us as all four of our tiny toddlers were evaluated and no longer qualify for services. I am going to miss the extra set of eyes and the reassurance that they are keeping up with their peers. I am thrilled though that they are developing on target and have no noticeable issues.

I expressed my concern to the evaluators that not one of the foursome were walking yet and was assured that anytime from 12-18 months is considered to be within the normal limits. They are all making progress towards walking and Cameron and Brady are doing great at standing on their own so I guess I need to just relax and let them do it in their own time.


  1. Lori was only truly walking at about 14-15 months.... and you have to look at their adjusted age, too--they are technically only 12 months, right? And once they are walking, that just leads to running, and not wanting to be contained in that fab stroller.... they will get there, I promise! And how fortunate that they are where they need to be-- you know that doesn't happen for lots of kids (whether they are multiples or not)--you guys are so blessed!

  2. Several of my kids weren't walking till 15 months or so- not just the early guys, but full termers as well.


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