Saturday, November 20, 2010

Operation Paci-be-gone

Back in July the babies gave up thier pacifiers during the day and did fine with it after the first two days but I have been procrastinating getting rid of them at bedtime because I admit, I like my sleep and didn't want to have a reason to lose sleep. Ben gives in a lot quicker than I do, even though he tries to tell me I am the pushover of the group, so I decided this weekend was the perfect weekend to get rid of them while he was gone to camp.

Yesterday's nap time consisted of 10 minutes or so of yelling, screaming and crying before giving in and taking a nap. Bedtime was the same other than Cameron working himself into a frenzy and throwing up in his crib so I stripped his sheets and he ended up needing to be rocked to sleep. The bright spot in all this is when they awoke during the night they whimpered then fell back to sleep on thier own and the first baby didn't wake up this morning until 6:15 this morning! That is 45 minutes later than they normally start waking up.

This morning when they laid down for their nap they didn't cry at all! Yay! Does this mean that the mission was successful? I sure hope so!

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  1. yes, they are te perfect age and it is short and sweet to be done, whatever you do don't let one be found or get re-introduced


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