Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Miss Grudge-holder

Aubrey is your typical daddy's girl...always wants all of his attention, as soon as she sees him she no longer wants me or anyone else for the most part and she cries when he leaves for work every morning (if she is up that is)! Well this afternoon she was a little crabby pants and did not want to be put down for a second and he made the mistake of trying to let one of her brothers sit with him so she screamed. Then he reached for a ball and she screamed some more. So he put her down and sternly told her that he had enough of her attitude so she came crawling out to me crying.

After about a half hour he kept trying to talk to her and she was completely ignoring him like he wasn't even speaking to her. When he would come close she would snuggle into me so he couldn't see her face. I asked her if daddy was a meanie and she shook her head yes. It was hysterical! After about 20 minutes of him trying to talk to her, play with her, coerse her into liking him again she broke down and went to him. Man if she can hold a grudge that long at one year old I hate to see what it will be like when she is a teenager!


  1. They do learn early, don't they?
    There is an award for you on my blog, if you'd like to come over and pick it up. However, I fully understand if you don't have time for such things :) Take care, Kathy

  2. That is hilarious. What a diva you have on your hands. P.S. check out my blog to see the post I made about the onesies. Take care...


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