Wednesday, November 17, 2010

March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Day

Today the March of Dimes released it's 2010 Premature Birth Rates Report Card. New Hampshire scored a C, between 9.4%-11.3% of all births are premature, which is the highest any of the States scored. The United States has a higher premature birth rate than most other developed countries. The highest cause of premature birth is women smoking, even if you do not smoke every day having more than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime puts them at higher risk. The second highest cause is due to being uninsured and not getting proper health care during pregnancy. The third highest is late preterm delivery due to early induction or early c-sections. It is urged that health care professionals do not deliver prior to 39 weeks gestation.

In honor of March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Day the goal is to get as many people to blog about a preemie they know and love. I know many preemies and am grateful every day home many have had such a great outcome however there are many who don't. I am lucky to have not only one perfect preemie to blog about but four!

I was very fortunate to receive such good prenatal care and have a fairly uneventful pregnancy that led me to carry these babies to 32 weeks gestation. I am grateful every day that we have not seen any developmental delays or health issues and especially that I was able to bring my babies home at without monitors or any medications between day 26-35 of birth.

Matthew is definitely my most head strong. He gets an idea in his head and refuses to give in until he is successful. He is the first one to make his brothers or sister cry but he is also the first one to kiss them when they do. If only he would learn you don't have to be mean in order to be nice.

Brady is the one who is most independent. He will play alone or with the other kids and entertain himself for hours on end. When he is mad there is no getting him out of him bad mood but when he is happy he is the happiest kid on the block. He loves to be tickled and play peek a boo. He takes his nickname monster to a new level lately as he roars at everyone and dives into his ball pit without thinking twice.

Aubrey is definitely the little diva of the group. Anything that is hers the boys cannot touch but she thinks she can have whatever she wants of theirs. Shoes are her passion and she loves to have pretty ones. She loves to cuddle, especially with Daddy and her little giggle warms my heart.

Cameron is the one who is the most laid back. He used to be the one all the others targeted because he would just cry and let them be mean to him however he decided that he is just as strong and now will stand up for himself. He is very good at entertaining himself and strong willed. He loves to look at books and play on the slide.

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  1. Kari, thank you so much for your post. It's amazing and wonderful that your little ones did and are doing so well. Premature birth carries a host of problems for many babies. It's important to get the word out about risk factors and the signs of preterm labor. Thanks again.


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