Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seperation Anxiety

Aubrey has been driving me crazy this week with her screeching every single time that I am out of her sight. She is content to be playing on the floor, in a bouncer or in her glidder as long as she can see me but the moment I walk into the other room she starts crying and screeching until I walk back in and amazingly she puts on a happy face. I hope that this phase is over just as quick as it began! Luckily the boys are not doing this...YET!

We have had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night we went to see the kids dance recital and it was so cute! The boys put on a great show and got the biggest applause from the audience. I was so proud of the babies for being so good during the 2.5 hour show. Aubrey was pretty uninterested in watching the show, Matthew thought playing with the wall was way more interesting, and the other two boys were so entralled in the performance. Everytime the curtain closed Cameron and Brady would get mad and whine a little then as soon as the curtain opened and music started they began kicking their feet and laughing. I told Ben maybe they will be our dancers, he told me no way. We will see...LOL!

Yesterday Aubrey and Matthew went with me to a baby shower for a friend of mine. We are excited for them to have a new friend coming into the world very soon. The were great there too! Brady and Cameron went with Ben to a baseball game, I guess he is trying to sway them away from dancing ;)

Today I took the babies to spend a couple hours with Grammie. We took a nice long walk they loved looking at the scenery and talking to each other. When we use the double strollers they can see each other and talk, take toys from each other, etc so it gives them a little different view than when I have them alone so we have to use the quad stroller. After their nap we are heading over to have a cookout with my dad, gram, brothers and nephews and it is a beautiful day for it!


  1. You are busy! I'm sorry about the separation anxiety - it is frustrating. It may go away on its own, but you can also try some "training." Do some practices runs where she can just barely see you, go in and out for short (and gradually longer periods of time) so she learns you come back, talk to her from the other room so she can hear you...she just has to get comfortable with you coming and going and understanding that you are still there even though you are in the other room. We went through a bit of this, too, and the stepping away and coming back in helped. Of course, once he could crawl (and now walk) he just follows me wherever I go. - Tkeys

  2. Ditto to Tkeys comments. The seperation anxiety can be frustrating. We have the girls gated into the front room and they hate it when I leave the room and just like Aubrey, they get excited when I come back. Sometimes I will let them out of the gate so they can follow me around but other times they have to stay put. So far, nothing has worked for us so we have fussy girls now and again when I am busy around the house.
    I hope all of your outings continue to go well. You are doing great for going around town so aften with 4 babies. :)


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