Thursday, May 27, 2010

And the first tooth award goes to...

MATTHEW! His first tooth popped through this afternoon...maybe that will explain why he has been soooo crabby and not sleeping for anything at night. I hope that does anyway since if that isn't it then I think we may start to go crazy with this no sleep business. You can feel Brady's right below the surface and I thought for sure Cameron would be the first one since I could feel his several days ago so close.

They are all playing together and taking toys from each other at every chance they get. We set up an outdoor play area with rubber mats and a pop up tent so they will be shaded and have a safe place to play. They love being outside!

We are looking forward to the three day weekend! The babies are going to get their first taste of swimming this weekend as long as the weather is nice and the pool is warm, if not we may take them to the local hotel and let them try an indoor pool. They love the bath so I hope that they enjoy the pool. Monday we are going to bring them to a parade and see what they think of that. They are easily amused with people and sights so I think the parade will be a big hit!

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  1. Yay Matthew!!! That does explain a lot about the lack of sleep at your house. I really wish you luck and hope things are not too rough as the other kiddos start cutting teeth also. (((Hugs)))


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