Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's already been a year

One year ago today Ben went to the doctors and was hospitalized. We never imagined that one year later he would be cancer free and looking to return to work. He was released from the neurologist with the restriction that he cannot be on his feet for more than 4 hours per day. It is difficult to find a job in this economy not to mention finding one with that type of restriction.

He has retained a laywer to fight his Social Security claim and we are hoping to get his SSI retroactive for the past year. It would be nice to get that chunk of change! Luckily we found one that was willing to take it under the condition that they don't get paid unless we do.

Onto the babies! They are all pulling themselves around the room and rolling to get wherever they want to go now. They are finding their way into other rooms in the house now...nothing will be safe soon!

Brady finally said "mama" so now they have all talked. The other three are constantly talking and yelling at each other. It is so fun to see them interact with each other now. They will get themselves facing each other and then start smiling and talking. I love it!

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  1. What a year it has been!! I am so glad that Ben is cancer free now and you guys are just working on being a large family now. I hope all goes well with the SSI recovery because I know how hard those claims can be. And yay for all the activity those babies are doing.


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