Thursday, April 22, 2010

A week away

We are all going to my mom's for a week to house sit while she is gone on a cruise. It will be nice to be able to relax, take walks, do whatever all day long for an entire week. Our weekends seem to pass far to quickly and I always seem to find things that need to be done at home so I hardly ever get time to just play with the babies all day long. Thankfully Jackie is going to stay at our house and run day care the whole week so no one else will have their schedule disrupted.

Brady has discovered he likes to sleep on his stomach and it is driving me crazy! I am so worried about the chance of SIDS and roll him over onto his back but he is back on his belly the next time I check on him. What can I do to keep that kid in place??? Aubrey has decided she wants to take after her big brother and Ben and I put her back on her back 9 times last night!

We have had a couple nice days where we have been able to get out walking in the evenings. They have all learned to enjoy it for the most past and look at the sights as we are walking rather than napping. Aubrey likes to make sure the whole town hears he crying at least one time on our walk. I wish that every evening could be nice so we aren't cooped up in the house.

Our family pictures did not come out the way I had hoped. I LOVE the ones of each baby individually but I really don't care for any of the 6 of us. Ben and I look horrible! They were way too crabby to get any of just the four of them.


  1. You can't do anything about the belly sleeping - I was told that when they are capable of rolling themselves over and do it on their own, it is safe to let them sleep on their bellies. Micah started doing it around 6-7 months, too. They think the risk with SIDs is greater on the belly because babies go into a deeper sleep, and some younger babies are lacking the startle reflex to wake themselves up. When they are strong enough to put themselves on their bellies, it is usually a sign that all their "normal" reflexes are in proper working order! It is so hard not to worry - continue putting him down on his back, and you can watch him, but it really will be okay. - Tkeys

  2. ditto what she said on the belly sleeping-- as long as they can roll over on their own, they are fine! all you are doing is losing your own sleep over it, and probably causing them to lose theirs, so relax. ;) And remember, back in the day when we were kids, they told our parents to only put us on our bellies, and we all survived. They really are fine once they can do it on their own--if it is the most comfortable for them, don't sweat it.

    So glad you will have a mini-vacation away from the house--it will be nice for you to get to enjoy the kids. Not too long in the future, they can be your little helpers and have little chores to do, so you'll get to spend time with them as you are doing stuff.... plus, there is always naptime and bedtime.

  3. You will enjoy your house-sitting vacation, I'm sure...different scenery anyway...I know what you mean about family pictures...It's hard to get everyone looking good at the same time..and usually the parents look "old and worn out" LOL


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