Friday, April 16, 2010

7 months!

Amazing that our babies are seven months old already. Our lives have changed so much in this time and we have had many ups and downs but we are finding our way and learning new things every day. Luckily life hasn't been as hard as people warned us it would be but with each new stage we are faced with different challenges. Sometimes I think back at how they were when we first arrived home from NICU and remember how hard we thought it was and now I think I wish they would sleep 20 hours for just one day so I could get things done. LOL! As they are getting older they are doing so many thing. Here is a run down of some of the things they are learning and we are learning about them:

Matthew definately our funny man, he thinks everything he does is funny a little instigator! Always stealing toys, pacis, poking his brothers and sister, taking Aubrey's head bands out
...shakes his head no
...says "mama" and "dada"
...rolls from one end of the room to the other
...sits unassisted for 10-15 seconds at a time
...loves his solids! We haven't found a veggie he doesn't like. eating 7 oz bottles wearing size 3 diapers wearing 6-9 month clothes
...can take his paci in and out all by himself
...tries to hold his own bottle but usually makes more of a mess than anything with it a side sleeper sleeping all night in his own crib...FINALLY!

...likes his green veggies better than his orange drinking 8 oz bottles
...rolls both ways
...discovered that he likes to play on his belly wearing size 3 diapers but almost ready to move into 4's wearing 12 month clothes
...hasn't figured out that he has to put the sucking end back in his mouth and always tries to put the handle in when he is playing with his paci
...insists on riding in the front of the stroller so he can kick at the fender or he has a fit the entire time we walk
...likes to wake up at 5 am and talk and laugh every morning our happiest one. He always will smile if you talk to him
...holds his own bottle for at least a few minutes
...can sit unassisted for almost 30 seconds at a time a side sleeper

Aubrey our little diva! That girl can really screech if she doesn't get her way but turn it into a smile if you tell her she is beautiful still our little peanut in 3-6 month clothes wearing size 2 diapers
...has learned how to make her brothers mad by taking their pacis and toys
...loves the orange veggies but is not very fond of the green ones our best sleeper. We almost always have to wake her for the morning feeding.
...can sit unassisted for almost 30 seconds at a time
...rolls belly to back and is almost there rolling back to belly
...mastered picking up toys from the ground to play with drinking 6 oz bottles
...couldn't live without her snuggy
...has said "mama" a couple of times

Cameron our most laid back one. He always waits patiently and hardly ever fusses
...likes his orange veggies but we have to trick him to get him to eat his green ones starting to grab for toys
...loves to spit and talk
...loves to have stories read to him rolling belly to back when he wants to wearing size 3 diapers wearing size 9-12 month clothes eating 7 oz bottles hard to get to laugh or smile when you are trying but when you aren't he will smile all day long
...likes to move around in circles without rolling
...has decided to take up permanent residence in the bassinette in our room now that Matthew has moved out!

I am sure there are so many more things I could tell you about these babies! It is so amazing to see them accomplish new things and to see how proud they are of themselves as you praise them.

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