Thursday, April 1, 2010

They are on a roll!

All the babies have rolled over now! It is so exciting to see except when Matthew gets on his belly and forgets that he know how to roll back over so he screams bloody murder until someone shows him again then he is all set. Brady thinks it is the funniest thing to roll onto his tummy, he just laughs and laughs about it. Cameron is very selective and has only rolled a couple times belly to back for us. He likes to just watch the rest of them. Aubrey is a little stinker! She can roll belly to back when she feels like it but if her big brothers are close enough when they attempt to roll she will kick them back onto their backs and make them cry. She tries to look so sweet and innocent when she is really a little devil!

They are all sitting up for a few seconds at a time by themselves and getting more and more balance every day. I think their bumbos have helped with that. I just love those things! I have no idea how we would do story time without them.

Brady has graduated into his big boy car seat! He was getting too heavy to lug around in his carrier at his 20+ lbs so tonight when he power puked in his car seat on our way out the door we decided to install his big seat. He loves it!

All of the babies are now sleeping unswaddled! I think this was a bigger step for daddy than it was the babies. He kept insisting that they would not sleep without being swaddled. I think he just doesn't want to admit they are getting bigger. Sleep has been much better in this household the past week thankfully! I am loving the fact that they are in bed at 8 pm now and I have some free time in the evening.

Well, I will have some Easter pics to post this weekend as we are doing Easter with my dad's family on Saturday and many of them have not met the babies yet and others haven't seen them since they were a couple weeks old. Sunday we are going to my mom's for lunch and then probably just relaxing the rest of the day. I can't wait to see them all dressed up!

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