Thursday, April 8, 2010

Matthew's big week

Matthew has been a big talker this week. He started off saying mama then learned to say dada then learned how to drive us crazy by sticking out this tongue and saying the opposite of what we tell him to. He of course laughs at how funny he is!Yesterday Matty and daddy went to pick up his helmet and Ben drilled dada into his head the entire trip so that is all he says now!

He is doing so much better with his helmet than we anticipated. He doesn't like me to put it on but once he has it on he is fine with it. The doctor seems to think that if he wears it as directed we should be seeing results next week and that six weeks from now he may be helmet free!

Today was their last Synagis shot and we are sad not to be seeing Dr. Rhodes every month. I have to say having a neonatologist come to our home once a month was very comforting. The babies all got weighted in today:

Matthew 16 lbs 7 oz 28" long
Brady 20lbs 29" long
Aubrey 13 lbs 11 oz 25.5" long
Cameron 17 lbs 2 oz 26.5" long



  1. I am cracking up because little preemie Brady weighs more than Hunter!! How do you carry him around all the time? You must have arms of steel. ;) I love this early talking stage-- so cute!

  2. Ditto to the above - Brady's got both of mine beat on the weight :)

    Yeah both girls say "mama' and "dada" but it's never to us. (I think they say "mum mum" better than anything)

  3. Awww...what a cute helmet. It is great that he does okay with wearing it. And boy those kiddos are growing well, especially Brady. My girls are just weighin in at 18 pounds a piece at a year old.


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