Sunday, March 28, 2010

First trip to the ER

Cameron has had a cold for nearly three weeks now. It started when he had the croup and never really went away. Last night he seemed to be having an unusually hard time breathing so after going back and forth and giving him a breathing treatment we decided to bring him down. Thankfully Marlene and Daegan were around to come help Ben with bath and bedtime for the other three!

They gave Cameron another breathing treatment then a steriod shot and a presciption for predislone to help open his airways. They diagnosed him with Bronciolitis. This is the second time that he has had this so far, poor baby! It makes me very nervous that he is not going to get Synergist next year because this very easily could wind up being RSV without it.

So we survived our first trip to the ER and now our mission is to make sure that no one else gets as sick as Cameron and that he gets better soon.


  1. OH NO! i hope he gets better soon..its so sad to see a sick baby

  2. Oh Kari it is the PITS when a baby is sick. I'm glad everything went well at the ER and I hope baby Cameron gets better real soon, without getting any of the other babies sick in the process!


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