Monday, August 17, 2009

Long day of appointments!

First up was my ultrasound, all looks good! Babies are moving around and the heartbeats are good, the fluid in each sac is good and equal, my cervix is still hanging in there at greater than 3 cm.

Next up was Ben's appointment with his doctor. He woke up sick and was sick to his stomach the whole day, I think it is just the thought of having to go for the chemo and what it makes him feel like for days after. The doctor told him today that they want him to do radiation now also because of the size of the mass in his neck they are afraid that something will be missed and the cancer will return someday down the road. He wasn't very happy about that but at least those treatments can be given in St. Johnsbury which is only about a half hour from home.

Then it was time for my OB appointment. She was a bit concerned that I have been having contractions daily now even though some days there is only one. She checked the cyst on my breast and got me into dermatology right away to have it drained because she was afraid of infection. Apparently when they drained it 3 years ago they should have also removed the entire wall to keep it from coming back but of course that was never mentioned before. The plan is after I am done breastfeeding they will go in and remove that but for now it is drained and I am on antibiotics.

I am thinking from the ultrasound and appointment today I will probably be staying home this week! I will know for sure in the morning when I speak with Dr. Acker. My gut is telling me that I will be taking up residence in Boston after my appointment on the 26th. They (and Ben and I) are getting worried about being so far from a competent hospital.

Finally Ben had his chemo and he was sick through most of this too. The meds didn't burn as bad this time around so that was a big plus for him. During his chemo we had a visit from another quad mom that lives not far from Dartmouth. She gave us a bunch of pointers and answered my many questions and brought little beanie babies for the isolates. They are so cute! We really appreciate having some advice from someone who has been there and done it all!

This morning's Union Leader featured the interview we did with the reporter. Here is the link for anyone who wants to check it out!

So onto another, hopefully uneventful, week!


  1. Thanks so much for the update. I look forward to your posts. I am thinking of and praying for all of your family. Best wishes, Kathy in GA

  2. Thanks for the update, its so neat that another quad Mom can come in and give you the in's and out's. Sorry Ben has been feeling so ill, hoping it will get easier for him soon.

  3. I'm so glad that babies are doing so well and your cervix is being a super cervix!!!

    Sorry to hear that Ben will need Radiation but it sounds like the doctors are doing everyting to keep him well for as long as possible.

    The story your newspaper did was fantastic and I'm so glad you have so much support. I got your thank you card today. I loved it!

  4. Sounds like things are going well - I'm also amazed by your cervix - mine was below 3 by this point, too, and I only had 1 in there.

    I'm so sorry Ben isn't feeling well - this is just so tough for him, and he is doing so well to get through it. I'm sure the radiation will be a new challenge, but pretty soon he'll be able to bring a picture of your 4 little ones to the sessions and focus on them and all the good things.

    Great newspaper story! - Tkeys

  5. My heart goes out to Ben. I can't imagine having to go through all of those treatments.

    So glad everything's good on the baby front. Love the article! I'll have to pick one up in print.


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