Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another week down

Each week is a week closer to having healthy babies it also is a week closer to being the end of this pregnancy. That is kind of bittersweet for me, as much as I want the babies here with us I am not really ready for this pregnancy to be over yet. For as high risk as they categorized me and for the fact that the doctors all expected me to be on complete bed rest weeks ago we have shown them all that these babies are fighters and this pregnancy has been pretty easy.

I am excited that the nursery will be all done this week. Ryan is coming to put up the trim and Tom and Kate have put together the cribs and changing table already and are going to do the dressers. I have most of their stuff put away now and just need to wash the preemie clothes and finish packing their bag.

Beginning Wednesday I start the steriod shots to get the babies lungs ready for a premature delivery. I definately am not looking forward to some more shots! I am hoping they will be doing actual weight checks this week, up until now they just tell me the babies are about x lbs. I want to know exact numbers! LOL!

Ben is doing well, his recovery time from chemo was less this time around then the previous couple cycles. We got the results from his nerve conduction study and it shows the absence of nerve endings in his ankles so hopefully that is something they can regenerate. We will have to talk to the doctor next week about that.


  1. I'm so glad you & the babies are still going strong! You've all(Ben included) proved to be fighters! I'm sorry to hear about Ben's nerve endings. I'll say some extra special prayers for him! Keep up the great work momma!

  2. I look forward so much to your posts! I am pleased that things are going well with you and the babies. Hopefully Ben's nerve endings will get better. Take care and keep those little ones safe...I think of all of you often, even though we've never met. What an inspiration all of you are to me. Blessings, Kathy

    PS One of these days when you are resting check out my other blogsite

  3. you are pregnant how many weeks, now ? 27 no ?
    the "exact" lbs is not important, just if they reach the goal : 2lbs

  4. YAY for strong babies, a strong Mommy and a very strong Daddy:) I'm glad the babies room is almost done and I can't wait for you to upload pics!

  5. I know what you mean about not wanting the pregnacy to end. When you work so hard to finally be pregnant it is bitter sweet to know it will be over soon. I still miss my belly and having the girls inside me, but I don't miss the bed rest. Ha ha

    Yay for the progress on the nursery. You have lots of help around you and that is such a blessing.

    I see you going further in this pregnancy than anyone predicted. Yay for you!!!

    I'm glad Ben is feeling a bit better and I hope there is something to be done about the nerve endings.

    I keep your family in my prayers!!!

  6. Wow...words can not explain how happy I am to hear that everything is going great with your ENTIRE family. Your going to continue to carries these little ones for a while longer. I think you will far go longer than anyones expected for someone to carry quads. God knows everything you have been through and knows what kind of fighter you are. He will bring those little ones in this world healthy, so you have no more worries! KUP...and looking forward to seeing pictures of that completed nursery!

  7. It really is bittersweet to not be able to feel them, but soon enough, you are going to want your body back. :) you are going to be so excited to be able to see what they look like and see their little personalities develop. i'm so glad that things are going well that ben seems to be having an easier time-- and he will get better, too!!


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