Friday, August 28, 2009


I know I haven't been doing much at home in the past few weeks but I am finding being close to the hospital has put my mind at ease enough that I can just relax and do nothing. Our days have consisted of sitting in the pool(me) and the hot tub(Ben), watching TV and just relaxing. It is usually hard for me to just sit and relax but I am finding it much easier here and even have napped a couple time.

Sunday afternoon we are going to have a family cookout with my aunts from Connecticut and maybe some cousins, my dad, grandmother, Kyle and Evan. Evan is very anxious to come down and see me, he was full of questions about if the babies were born yet and if I was in the hospital. I miss seeing him already, these next couple of months are going to be soooo hard. With any luck my doctors can set up arrangements at a closer hospital for the babies care once they are just in the feeding and growing stage so I can be home.

After the cookout Ben is heading home with my dad to have his chemo on Monday and will be staying home for a couple of days to recoup and probably hit up the big Lancaster Fair. Hopefully he will be back here with me Thursday for his birthday. I am going to miss him being so far away and really hope that the babies stay in for the time he is planning on being gone. It would be neat to have them next Thursday on his birthday but if they cook a little longer that is ok too! There are so many birthdays in September the little ones are sure to be born on someones.

We will see what Wednesday brings the babies will be getting their biophysical profile testing once again but won't get a weight check for 2 weeks. I was hoping to see the progress by the week but that is ok at least I can see them! As long as they are still scoring good and I am doing ok we will have another week out of the hospital, YAY!


  1. Relaxation sounds good! Hard to believe that it's almost September already! Where did the summer go? Continuted best wishes go to you and your family especially during these last few weeks...they usually are the hardest of all. Keep us posted! Kathy in GA

  2. Keep up the relaxation :p (might be awhile until it happens again) :) Glad to hear everything's going well!


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