Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's official!

We have made the decision that we will be staying in Boston as of next Wednesday. I am sure that the doctor will want us to stay and I am just getting far too nervous being 3.5 hours away and at that point I will be 29 weeks. 28 weeks is average gestation for quads according to my OB so we don't dare press our luck! We are in great hopes that I will make it several more weeks before delivering but anything can happen and we just feel more comfortable being there instead of all the way up here.

Keep in touch on facebook or through email I am sure I will be bored a lot and would love to chat with all of you!

We had a really nice article in the local paper today. Sam wrote a beautiful letter to the editor that if anyone picks up a copy they should definitely read! Here is a link to the cover story.


  1. I'm sorry you will now be in your home away from home until you deliver but you must feel better knowing you are in Boston right where you need to be. I have good feelings about you making it several more weeks. You are doing such a fantastic job and your body is responding incredibly well.

    Take care

  2. I know how you feel about wanting to be close to the hospital. I was nervous about being 10 minutes away from Lancaster hospital (only because my deliveries were quick). Take care and look forward to hearing all about your new adventures that lie ahead.

  3. Keri - I'm sorry you're going to be away from home, BUT, I think I'd do the same thing. 3.5 hours is a LONG time if labor starts!

    Will Ben be able to stay with you the whole time?

    You're such a trooper!!! keep up the great work!

  4. I think that's a wise choice. 3.5 hours is a long ride--even if you aren't in labor. I'll be praying and wishing for good things for you and Ben. I hope you can get to a computer sometime and keep us updated. I've found myself looking forward to your posts since I began to follow you. Best wishes always, Kathy in GA


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