Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another good check up! :)

Today's appointments went fabulous! First up was the ultrasound and all the babies had their first biophysical profile test and each of them passed with an 8/8! This test is used to keep track of movement, increases in heart rate with movement (nonstress test), muscle tone, breathing rate, and the amount of amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid index) surrounding your baby. If these five areas are within a normal range, your baby is considered to be in good health. They then had their weight check...

Baby A 3 lbs 4 oz
Baby B 3 lbs 1 oz
Baby C 2 lbs 8 oz
Baby D 2 lbs 12 oz

Next up was my OB appt. and all was good there too. He said we would leave it up to me for now as to whether or not I want to be admitted and of course I would rather stay with family for the week! He is amazed that they are all doing so good. My itching he said to use Keri Lotion on so I am going to try that.

We had our NICU tour which was scary but informative. We got to see a baby that was 2lbs 8 oz and one that was 3 lbs 3 oz as well as a 14 oz one. That is right, 14oz and she is holding her own! They have a LARGE family room and 2 patios for friends and families to be in. There is also 2 bedrooms for parents, you have to sign up to get them but they told us having 4 we would get a room more often than others having just one, YAY!

The cardiologist appt went fine too. He said I am doing amazing for carrying four and my EKG was perfect so I should have no issues with delivery either.

So now we are at my aunt and uncles for this week any ways and we will see what next week brings. I am sure I will be updating tons as I will be bored not working or having anything that needs to be done LOL!


  1. You are an AMAZING Mommy already!!! Just amazing!!!

  2. So excited-- and their weights are great!! Can't believe you are still not in the hospital yet... it is the dream pregnancy with multiples!!

  3. So glad to hear u and the babies are doing fantastically!! Wat an awesome mummy n strong babies xx

  4. That is such great news Kari! So happy to hear you and the babies are doing so well, now relax and enjoy not having anything to do! Take care!

  5. Oh I am so happy to hear things are still going so well for you Kari. Those babies are getting so big and healthy. Yay for perfect BPP's. I hope you enjoy your week with family and I look forward to hearing more as you progress further in the pregnancy. I still can't believe you haven't had any real pre-term labor. Your body was made to be pregnant like this. Congrats!!!

  6. What wonderful news! Keep up those good appointments. I think your little ones are going to make it very far along and will barely have any NICU time! I think your 4 are bigger than Micah was at the same gestational age, too - very impressive! - Tkeys

  7. Wow, what great news! Enjoy the boring days...they will soon be gone! Kathy


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