Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013...a year in review!

How quickly the past four years have flown.  I always like to take the time to put our highlights from the past year in a short blog post to look back on in the years to come...

January 2013 - We started the year off with some fun!  The boys went to their first Monster Jam show and Aubrey and I hit up the pedicure salon for mommy and me pedis.  Cameron had ear tubes put in and adenoids removed and was able to hear again!

February 2013 - Our first broken bone award went to Cameron with a broken leg.  He took it like a champ though!  Aubrey and Daddy went to their first Father/Daughter dance and had a fabulous time at the Ball!

March 2013 - The peacefulness of nap time had come to an end as we outgrew that stage in our life.  Bed time became much nicer though!  We had a playdate at the Children's Museum in North Conway with some of our best quad friends.  They discovered music beyond circle time songs and learned the words to many new songs.

April 2013 - Our daycare fundraised for a new swing set and the kids enjoyed seeing it be built!  Finally the quads were old enough to play t-ball!  They loved playing and haven't stopped talking about next season since then.

May 2013 - The quads and daddy stayed home while I headed for a long weekend in Nashville with my best quad momma pals!  Our family proudly walked in the March of Dimes walk in honor of Samuel, Andrew, Kendall and Aryelle.

June 2013 - The kids participated in two fishing derbies and Matthew took home the trophy for biggest fish in his division!  It was a winning month for Matthew as he also took first place in the bike races at Riverside.  Aubrey took home 3rd!  We wrapped up the T-ball season and I headed to beautiful Hawaii with my mom courtesy of Scentsy!

July 2013 - It was a month of vacationing!  We went to MA for the 4th of July family reunion and got to see the McAllister side of the family.  We took a weekend to head to Old Orchard Beach and explore the beach at Pine Point collecting shells, sand dollars and hermit crabs.  Our first go-carting experience and a stop at mini golf ended our month!

August 2013- We had our first, of hopefully many, annual quadventure camping trip with the MacLeod's!  So many memories were made.  We flew a kite for the very first time with much success and our family grew with the addition of Callie!

September 2013 - September means two things...the Lancaster fair and BIRTHDAY!  We celebrated our pirates and princess turning 4 in a fun afternoon at the Col. Town gym.  The kids took up soccer and we went apple picking!

October 2013 - The quads and Daddy experienced the circus for the first time.  Nearly 3 hours of glued to your seat, don't blink your eyes fun!  Halloween brought us Dorothy, a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow who won for the best group.

November 2013 - Courtesy of the Canton's and the St Cyr's we spent a day splashing around at the water park in North Conway.  Our first trip to the Fairbank's Museum and the Planetarium was amazing.  A fun time had by all.

December 2013 -  Christmastime at the Hickey house was full of fun and laughter.  We made treats and delivered them to family and friends.  We visited Santa's Village and Olde Tyme Christmas.  We had lots of fun courtesy of Jingle B and Santa.  Toddler beds were replaced with big kid bunk beds!

Our motto for 2014..If you believe it, you can achieve it!  I believe it is going to be the best year ever!

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