Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

For weeks and weeks the kids have asked Santa for new bunk beds...they were so sure they were going to get them!  Christmas morning I snuck down and turned on the lights on the tree and the lights on the banister and when I got back into my bedroom, where we had all had a sleep over on Christmas Eve, they all asked if Santa came.  I told them I wasn't sure, let's go check!

Brady was the first one down the stairs and he walked over the the tree, looked behind the tree and said "Well guys, Santa didn't bring our bunk beds!"  They all quickly got over it and moved onto their gifts.

The first gift from Santa was a group gift with a note on it that said they must all share it well.  They were psyched to open a Kindle Fire!

When the final gift before the stockings was opened ended up being bed sets they were happy but you could tell a little disappointed.  I convinced them they needed to bring their bed sets to their room and their surprise and excitement when they walked in and saw the bunk beds was priceless...this is what Christmas memories are all about!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to...
Ben Stinson, Tom Hickey and Ben Hickey for building the bunk beds and to Larry and Charlotte Amadon for coming and helping me take out the old and set up the new just in time for a Christmas surprise!

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