Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time for a new swing set!

When I started doing daycare 14 years ago one of our very first fundraisers was to buy a swing set for all the kids to enjoy.  They played on it all the time until last year when we had to move it to fix the back yard and discovered that it was rotted in several places and for safety purposes we didn't put it back up.  The kids missed that swing set so much last summer!  So, we decided to do a fundraiser to help pay for a brand new one for the daycare to enjoy as well as the quads.  If you would like to help us get this awesome swing set:
head on over to or and be sure to click Kari's Day Care.  Thirty percent of all sales will go towards our swing set fund!  Thanks in advance!


  1. Looks like a fun swing set!

  2. You mean I can restock and help build a new playset at the same time? Win win!


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