Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First T-ball game!

My little team!
 photo 269_zps59ec2229.jpg

Cameron up to bat!
 photo 286_zps580901dd.jpg

 photo 287_zps03fd0667.jpg

Matthew up to bat!
 photo 290_zpsfff95750.jpg

 photo 291_zpsba12cbc4.jpg

 photo 288_zps0df13a72.jpg

Brady up to bat!
 photo 284_zps6313f08c.jpg

 photo 285_zpsad852ca4.jpg

Aubrey up to bat!
 photo 282_zpsf393336f.jpg

 photo 283_zps752e4a0b.jpg

Go Matthew!
 photo 274_zpseb82c87f.jpg

Run Cameron!
 photo 273_zps0aa07e6b.jpg

Great job Brady!
 photo 275_zps42e09f71.jpg

Aubrey was FREEZING!!!
 photo 268_zps540fb0bd.jpg

Time to play in the outfield!
 photo 278_zps69111a8b.jpg

Hey girls, the game is over there!
 photo 276_zps4eefedaf.jpg

 photo 271_zps964138ee.jpg

 photo 272_zps9f606a25.jpg

 photo 270_zps6daa1b94.jpg

 photo 281_zps997097ca.jpg

Uncle Tom thinking...what have I gotten myself into???
 photo 280_zps26abca24.jpg

Throw it Matthew!
 photo 277_zps62d2d460.jpg

Get it Brady!
 photo 279_zps613e547a.jpg

Good game!
 photo 289_zps50e4d442.jpg

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