Monday, April 29, 2013

Building the Swing Set!

We hated not having a swing set last year so this year we were determined to get one up in the backyard.  Bumpa and Memere both decided to give us some money towards the swing set instead of gifts for their birthday and Christmas...THANK YOU!  Also we did a fundraiser with the day care to help pay for a portion of it...THANK YOU to all that sold and bought!  And finally Scentsy will be paying for the rest...our "fun" money will be going towards paying it off for the next couple months.

It was a big job but Daddy, Uncle Tom and Auntie Kate got it done in no time!  I am not much of a builder so I contributed by water sealing it when it was done...LOL!  The kids love it and I know it will bring hours of enjoyment for years to come!

Cameron and Brady ready to work!
 photo 260_zps36b883d8.jpg

Taking a break after all their hard work!
 photo 257_zpse4197595.jpg

Tower #1!
 photo 259_zps29ee2ba1.jpg

 photo 262_zps9c65ab8d.jpg

 photo 263_zps1fe9db90.jpg

Ok, what's next???
 photo 258_zps105c6116.jpg

Tower #2!
 photo 266_zpsde5560d9.jpg

Twisty slide!
 photo 267_zps417224e4.jpg

Ben the builder!  Can he build it?  YES, he can!
 photo 261_zps3e867e3e.jpg

All done!
 photo 256_zpsa7d23cd4.jpg

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