Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five minutes of randomness

My kids are normally pretty crazy and come up with some off the wall stuff but tonight took the cake.  In the 5 minutes it took to get from a birthday party to our house they came up with all sorts of random stuff!

Matthew:  "Why won't anybody let me have their baby???  I ask and nobody lets me.  I can't take Conner or Casey or Jackson or Kole or Kormack...not even Chase!  I think we need to go to the store and buy one so I can take a baby home!

Brady (obviously trying to change the subject): You know if you pee in your sleeping bag you have to get up and sleep in your bed.

Cameron: When you poop your pants it makes your butt tickle.

Matthew:  I know it makes me itch it.

Aubrey:  HAHAHA!

Cameron: Aubrey you pee your pants sometimes!

Aubrey: Are you KIDDING me?!?!?  Only if I don't make it to the bathroom on time.

Brady: Oh My Jesus (where he came up with that saying I have no clue!)

Matthew(trying to change the subject again): Bailee you have a pillow?

Cameron: My Grammie has a pillow!

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