Monday, January 14, 2013

My favorite things about the threes...

The threes have been say the very least...but they have also been great in some ways as well.

1.  I love the way that they are willing and able to help out around the house...they like to help sweep, mop, dust, load the dishwasher, was the table, set the table.

2.  They can dress themselves!  I do dress them most of the time, just to get it done but they can do it when we have the time.

3.  They love to play in the snow.  They try to build snowmen, they go sledding, they make snow angels.

4.  They use their imaginations, role play and make pretend.

5.  They learn new things every day when we do our preschool curriculum and are becoming smart little coookies!

6.  They have a sense of humor and know how to use it!

7.  They are beginning to understand the concept of time and can understand the difference between tomorrow and several days from now.

8.  They understand their emotions and know how to put to words how they are feeling.

I am sure there are sooooo many more things but these are what I can think about off the top of my head.  They are growing up incredibly fast and in a blink of the eye the threes will be a memory so I want to make sure I remember the good points as well as the bad.

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  1. Maybe I should make this list too, and hanf t up as a daily reminder. hehehe cause there are lots of times when I need reminded of the good things. lol


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