Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cameron can hear!!!

For the past month or so Cameron's hearing has been getting progressively worse and his speech has been affected as well.  He only could really hear us if we yelled or if he put our face towards his.  Cameron and I were laying in bed last weekend and he said "moon and back Mommy" so I told him "Love you to the moon and back baby."  Immediately he started to cry and said "It's not nice to not tell me you love me!"  He didn't hear me!!!

The last time we saw this kind of pattern he had tubes put in and within days we noticed a huge difference.  This past Tuesday he had to go for his 6 month hearing check and Ben was taking him.  I was pretty sure that they would want to put in another set of tubes and told Ben I was fine with that so to go ahead and schedule that if the ENT thought it was necessary before they even tested him the doctor new it wasn't going to be good.  For several reasons they wanted to remove the adenoids too.  That scared me...none of my children had ever been put totally out and I wasn't feeling very comfortable with it however after doing research and talking to the pediatrician and the ENT we decided it was for the best.

I was talking to him the night before surgery and told him how Daddy and I were bringing him to get his ears fixed and he said "My ears not broken.  You just need to learn to talk LOUD!"  Little did he know we had been talking loud to him for weeks.

He was not a happy camper on Friday morning when all he could have for breakfast was popcicles, even though his siblings were more than happy to take one for the team and have nothing but popcicles too.  Cameron kept begging us for something to eat...anything...just a little bite.  It was heartbreaking.  Who the heck schedules a 3 year old for surgery at NOON when they can't eat after midnight???

Cameron was a champ holding his mask until he was put to sleep then I slipped out of the OR and waited (rather impatiently) in the waiting room.  He woke up pretty violent and they gave him some IV narcotics to take the edge off so we cuddled in the bed and he went to sleep for a bit then they tried waking him back up and he let them know that was unacceptable!  "I just want to NAP!" Cameron told them!

The ENT told us there was a lot of scaring on his ear drums, a ton of hardened ear wax and his adenoids were extremely inflamed.

We finally got him up and into the car where he proceeded to devour everything in sight for the next 5 hours.
The recovery has been harder on Cameron than the tubes were last time but so far we couldn't be happier with the results!  We went to lunch at a restaurant and he was amazed at the background noise of the radio...he never was aware of it before.  He kept looking around at all the sounds.  You could tell that he was in awe.  Last night he kept waking up crying and saying he was scared and pointing towards the window saying something was scary.  Finally I just brought him into bed with me for a little extra loving.  It wasn't until this morning when I went in to shut off the humidifier and he went with me and said "Why is that making scary noises?  It not supposed to do that!" did I realize he never heard the humidifier before.  No wonder he was so frusturated with everything.  I am hoping this surgery repaired him for good and we don't have to worry about anything else for the little man.

Goofing around before surgery

Killing time


Mommy and her baby

He has no clue what he is about to get into

Snuggle time after surgery

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