Monday, March 5, 2012

The sickies...

Just as I finished bragging about how all my kids have been healthy enough all winter that we have not had to make a trip to the pediatrician since their well child check in September the sickies started. Aubrey was up all night starting two weeks ago and just miserable during the day. I was able to get her in for an appointment at the exact same time that I had to be on the road for an appointment for myself that Ben was going with me for so Grammie to the rescue! She brought Aubrey to the doctors and spent the day with her.

A week later Aubrey still hadn't slept very well, we're talking up 10-15 times per night, and she had developed a croupy cough as did Cameron. Brdy and Matthew both were up all last Sunday and Monday night complaining of earaches. So after about an hour sleep total I made the foursome an appointment and brought them over to the pediatrician's office to learn that Brady had a ruptured ear drum, Matthew had an ear infection, Cameron and Aubrey had the croup.

Luckily with medication the boys were able to get some rest Tuesday night...Aubrey not so much. She was up until 3:30 am on Wednesday crying, whimpering, and squirming around then finally fell asleep just for the boys to think 5:30 should be wake up time. I felt like a walking zombie. My mom offered to take the kiddos Thursday night so I could get some sleep. I was thrilled at the thought of it until Aubrey decided she just wanted to stay with Mommy...of course the one who can't sleep stays and the three that were back to sleeping decided they wanted to go. I discovered at this point that she also was getting the top two year molars so that was making her extra crabby.

Aubrey was loving the time alone with just Mommy and Daddy until bed time. I read her a couple books and tucked her in and I could tell that she was feeling uneasy so I waited outside the door for a minute to see if she would cry but she didn't so I went down and started some laundry and I heard over the monitor "mommy?" in a quiet voice so I went up to see what she needed. Aubrey told me "I scared to sleep without the boys" so she ended up in the spare toddler bed in our room for the night and only woke up 5 times.

Finally Friday night we were back to sleeping all night! YAY! It was a rough two weeks!

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